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Adebola Williams Early Life &Education

Willimas had a mixed childhood. Describing it, he said; ” I was born into wealth but before I was nine, everything was lost, and that is the most difficult situation to be. If you were born in a particular state, you would be used to it, but if you were born in a particular state and it reversed to the worst, it will be difficult to adjust. If I was born in a one bedroom apartment, I already know the drill, but being born into wealth, adjusting wasn’t easy.”
He grew up in and outside Nigeria and attended London School of Journalism, and the Pan African University. He started acting as early as 15years of age.

Adebola Williams Personal Life

Williams’ connection spans through several industries in Nigeria and is an influencer in the country. He is currently single and is waiting for God to give him the perfect partner.

Adebola Williams Career

Williams began his career first in film 16 years ago and then in the media began 13 years ago, working for a youth counseling company and soon co-presenting two shows on Nigeria’s National Television Authority. He parleyed that into a thriving career as a TV producer, working for Nigeria International, a syndicated TV show in three continents; and Living it on South Africa’s Mnet. All his life, he had always wanted to become an actor. He was featured in two soaps that never saw the light of the day. He was paid a paltry N100, thus he decided to quit.
He is co-founder of RED, which is the 11-year-old parent company that houses StateCraft Inc. It’s a network of four media companies focused on Africa’s youth: Red Media Africa, a Public Relations company working in West Africa for Facebook, Uber, Union Bank and Heineken; Generation Y!, a TV and online content company with one of Nigeria’s most popular online newspapers and The Future Project, a social enterprise that hosts Africa’s biggest youth social change event, The Future Awards Africa.
Williams has turned out to be a leading authority on winning elections, running a governance communication company that won the presidential elections in Nigeria in 2015 and then won the presidential elections in Ghana in 2016. He is the chief executive officer of StateCraft Inc, the communication agency that helped power Ghana’s three-time presidential aspirant to a victory. He was a speaker at the 2017 Obama Foundation Summit in Chicago, USA.

Adebola Williams Age

Adebola Williams is 36 years old.

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