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TY Bello was born to Remi Sokefun who was a dedicated Television producer on January 14,1978. The artist who was sexually abused as a child, admitted that the experience had a lot of negative effect on her during her formative years.

Toyin Sokefun-Bello Age

Toyin Sokefun-Bello is 44 years old.


After her gospel band was disbanded, TY Bello went into photography. She worked in different areas which included documentaries and portraits. She gained recognition in Nigeria and even worked as an official photographer for former president Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, during his reign.
She also worked for ThisDay Magazine as a fashion photographer and also with many top-rated celebrities. In 2016, people began singing her praises when She discovered a street hawker, Olajumoke Orisaguna, and turned her into an outstanding model. Olajumoke was a bread seller on the streets until She was located by TY Bello. Her life changed when she accidentally photobombed TY Bello’s photoshoot with a London-Based rapper, Tinie Tempah. That incident turned into a blessing for Olajumoke as TY Bello helped her launch her career and She was able to get modeling contracts from brands.
At a young age, TY Bello was in love with music. She was a member of a group that composed songs for her church. Her disbanded music group had the likes of Lara George, Dapo Torimiro, and Emem Emma. The group, KUSH, released a hit song ‘Let’s Live Together, in the 2000s before going their separate ways.


TY Bello was born in Ogun State. She attained a degree in Economics from the University of Lagos, and briefly practiced journalism before venturing into photography career.

Toyin sokefun- Bello was a member of the now defunct gospel band, kinetically ushering salvation into Hearts and Homes(KUSH). She is also a member of the Nigerian photography. She is known for her singles, ‘Greenland’, ‘Ekundayo’, ‘ This man’, ‘ Freedom’ and ‘Funmise’.

Net Worth

Ty Bello is a famous Gospel Singer, born on January 14, 1978 in Nigeria. As of December 2022, Ty Bello’s net worth is $5 Million.

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