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Ruger, a talented Nigerian musician and songwriter, was born Michael Adebayo Olayinka on September 23, 1999.
Ruger is currently signed to D’Prince’s “Jonzing World Record” with a publishing and distribution deal with Columbia Records, and Sony Music Entertainment, the U.K division.
Michael is known for his trademark eye patch and melodious musical voice.


Just like many other Nigerian musicians, his musical career started off in the church choir. He already had an interest in music from a young age and that didn’t come as a surprise as his family members were music lovers. He was also part of his school musical band and was already composing songs and performing in school events and shows in Lagos during his school days.

Ruger came in contact with veteran Nigerian singer, D’Prince in 2020 who listened to some of his songs and picked interest in him. From then, D’Prince started grooming him to become a proper musician.


Ruger has spent most of his life in Lagos and it was said that he attended primary and secondary school in Lagos while he is currently studying at one of the Universities in the country that has not been made known to the public at the point of creating this bio.
However, the upcoming star is obviously working towards his personal development, so as to actualize his dream of becoming one of the best Nigerian artists.


23 years

23 September 1999

Net Worth

Sturm, Ruger net worth as of December 23, 2022 is $0.91B.

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