Primaries That Produced Atiku As Candidate Fraudulent – Wike Says As He Reveals Why He Is Angry With PDP Leadership

Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers State has claimed that the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) presidential primary held last year that produced former Vice President Atiku Abubakar as the party’s candidate was dogged by fraudulent practices.

He also told The Sun on Monday that he was disappointed with the leadership of the PDP over the lingering crisis rocking the party.

He stated that his love for the main opposition party stopped him from approaching the court to challenge the PDP presidential primary.

According to the Rivers State Governor, no amount of campaign of calumny against him could stop him from speaking the truth.

Meanwhile, Wike also faulted the N500 billion budget for the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC), which has attracted much pressure on the National Assembly for its approval.

While describing the NDDC budget as fraudulent, Wike said political leaders were mounting pressure on the National Assembly to pass it so that they could share it ahead of the general elections.

He said: “You know the day NDDC came here, I told them. Sometimes I say should I not be ashamed that I came from the Niger Delta? Everyday, we are talking about exploitation. Who is exploiting who?

“Since the inception of NDDC, let them show us an regional project they have embarked upon that changed the landscape of the area. Let them mention one. How does NDDC come to a state and start to construct without the contribution of the state government. Do you know the blueprint of the state? How do you go to a community and start building school? Is the school your own? Who is going to run the school? Why not go to the state and ask the government; what is your priority? What do you want NDDC to do for you in your state?

What are they doing now? NDDC is expecting N500 billion. Go and see the pressure they are mounting on the National Assembly to approve the budget of NDDC because election is on February 25. They have sat down now to butcher N500 billion. Tomorrow, if you come back, nothing is happening in Niger Delta.

“If you see the budget of 2022, ask them which governor made input in that budget? Go and see. In the budget, you will see N4 billion for desilting of drainages. So, NDDC has now come to clean gutters in our state? What kind of system is this?”

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