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Patience Ozokwor (born 14 September 1958), also known as Mama G, is a renowned Nigerian musician, fashion designer, gospel singer and actress. 
She previously won the Best Supporting Actress 2012 & 2013 award at the 10th Africa Movie Academy Awards. 

Early Life & Education

Patience Ozokwor was born on March 25, 1958 in Ngwo, Enugu State. Enugu state is a state in the Southeastern part of Nigeria.
She attended Abimbola Gibson Memorial School, Lagos, Nigeria before finally getting admitted into Methodist Girls School Yaba. Shortly, she relocated with her family to Enugu for safety. Notably, this was due to the Nigerian-Bịafran civil war.After the war, Patience Ozokwor attended Teachers’ Training College, Afikpo. Later, she got admitted into the Institute of Management and Technology, Enugu. There, she studied Fine and Applied Arts. Undoubtedly, this is one of the reasons she is fashion designer.

Patience Ozokwor Career

Mama G began work as a Teacher, which lasted for four years. Wanting more out of life, she quit teaching and ventured into broadcasting. She got employed as a radio presenter and newscaster in FRCN Enugu. She worked there until the unit was shut down. She wasn’t perturbed, rather, she went ahead and sought for another broadcasting job which she got. There, she started hosted radio drama shows. She was very successful at her job that she opened a school to help young female school dropouts. This project caught the attention of the government, and so it was sponsored. As a result of this selfless act, she got a political appointment. She worked as the special assistant to the wife of the Mayor of her Local government for 4 years.

Patience Ozokwor Age

Patience Ozokwor is 64 years old.

Patience Ozokwor Personal Life

Patience, though thought of as a very wicked woman because of most of her roles as a wicked stepmother, mother or mother-in-law, is a simple woman.
She got married when she was 19. She has 3 biological children and 5 adopted children summing them up to 8. She lost her husband in the year 2000 to a terminal disease while she was on set. She said he had been sick long before he died. 


Ukwa (1995)

Terrible Sin (2001)

Mothering Sunday (2001)

Greedy Genius (2001)

Desperadoes (2001)

The Final Clash (2002)

Sunrise (2002)

Submission (2002)

Pretender (2002)

Old School (2002)

Miracle (2002)

Fire on the Mountain (2002)

Christian Marriage (2002)

Under Fire (2003)

The Storm is Over (2003)

The Cross of Love (2003)

Private Sin (2003)

Price of the Wicked

Mr. Trouble (2003)

Market Sellers (2003)

Forever Yours (2003)

Evil Woman (2003)

Police Woman (2004)

The Staff of Odo (2004)

My Mother My Marriage (2004)

My First Love (2004)

Mama G in America (2004)

Mama I Will Die for You (2004)

Heritage (2004)

Annabel (2004)

Women in Power (2005)

Ways of the Heart (2005)

Torn Apart (2005)

The Corridors of Power (2005)

Soul on Fire (2005)

Rings of Fire (2005)

Men at War (2005)

Total Crisis (2006)

The Humble Lion (2006)

The Devil in Her (2006)

The Final Days (2006)

Sweet Mama (2006)

Sacred Blood (2006)

Pounds and Dollars (2006)

Nowhere to Run (2006)

Pride of a Woman (2007)

Love and Likeness (2007)

Lions Den (2007)

Kingdom Apart (2007)

Goddess of the Sun (2007)

Blood Apart (2007)

Area Mama (2007)

Indian Doctor (2008)

Heart of a Slave (2008)

Heaven After Hell (2008)

After My Heart (2008)

Act of Faith (2008)

Power of a Kiss (2010)

Open & Close (2011)

World of the Mind (2012)

The End is Near (2012)

Sin of a Woman (2013)

Cry of a Witch (2013)

To Rise Again (2014)

Idemili (2014)

Overseas (2015)

Chief Daddy (2018)

Don’t Get Mad Get Even (2019)

Scars of a Mother (2020)

Bad Comments (2020).

Net Worth

Undoubtedly, Patience is one of the most prominent Nollywood actress in Nigeria who’s been in the field for more than two decades. Her net worth is estimated at $500,000

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