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Omoni Oboli Early Life &Education

The renowned Nigerian movie actress and producer, Omoni Oboli was born on the 22nd of April 1978 in Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria.
Born in 1978, Omoni is of Mosogar descent of Delta State and the second and last child of her parents’ grown-up children.
For her education, she attended the Delta Steel Company Primary School and the Delta Steel Company Technical High School for her elementary and secondary school respectively.
Later, she attended University of Benin, Benin City, Edo State, where she studied and bagged a Bachelor’s Degree in Foreign Languages, majoring in French. She graduated with a second class upper.
After her University education, Omoni studied Digital Film-making at the New York Film Academy.

Omoni Oboli Career

Omoni began her formal movie career with her first movie role in ‘Bitter Encounter’, 1996, where she played a secretary. Her next was ‘Shame’. She then went on to play the lead female character in three major movies; ‘Not My Will,’ ‘Destined To Die’ and ‘Another Campus Tale.’ After enjoying a brief but interesting and fulfilling career in 1996, Omoni left the movie industry to complete her university education.
Since her return to the industry, Omoni has fast risen to the top, playing a number of lead and supporting roles in major movies. She brings – dignity, poise, class, smooth delivery, and extreme professionalism to the varied roles she’s played. She is a gifted screenwriter, with several intriguing screenplays to her credit. These including the current blockbuster movie, ‘Wives On Strike’. In June 2007, The Rivals, a movie she co-produced with her friend, won the coveted prize for Best International Drama at the New York International Independent Film and Video Festival. It was the first Nigerian film to be premiered since the festival’s inception in 2003. The movie was given a 3 star rating out of 4 by the festival’s judges.
Omoni has shot into prominence as the class act of Nollywood because of her professional demeanor and strong work ethics. Playing lead roles in wave making, blockbuster movies like ‘The Figurine,’ ‘Anchor Baby’, ‘Being Mrs Elliott’, and the soon to be released movies, ‘Feathered Dreams,’ and Mo Abudu’s ‘Fifty’ has set her apart as one who knows how to choose good screenplays.
She starred in the movie Okafor’s law, which premiered on March 24, 2017. However the movie premiere was cancelled due to an injunction by the court; Omoni is currently being accused of copyright infringement by Jude Idada, he claims to have written the storyline behind Okafor’s law. Several attempts were made to reach Omoni before the premiere date, but she feigned ignorance. The movie was set to be released in cinemas, March 31st. The court case against Omoni shed light on the theft of intellectual property in Nigeria.

Omoni Oboli Personal Life

Omoni Oboli married to her longtime boyfriend, Nnamdi Oboli, in 2000 and they have three lovely boys, Tobe Oboli, Chizi Oboli, and Gozi Oboli. Omoni is a simple but firm woman, and she has such an enviable fashion sense. 

Omoni Oboli Age

Omoni Oboli is 44 years old.


The Women

Wives on Strike: The Revolution 

My wife and I 

Wings of a Dove

Moms at War

Love is War 

Sugar Rush 


Brother’s Keeper 

Render to Ceaser

Being Mrs Elliot

As Crazy As It Gets


Lunch Time Heroes

The Duplex

First Lady  

Code of Silence 

Of Bad Faith

Wives on Strike 

Okafor’s Law

Bitter Encounter

Not My Will

Destined To Die

Another Campus Tale

Guilty Pleasures


The Figurine 

Bursting Out

Anchor Baby

Bent Arrows

Feathered Dreams  

Stolen Tomorrow

30 Days in Atlanta 

Net Worth

Altogether, Omoni Oboli’s net worth is estimated to be $400,000 thousand. Of course, this is linked to the fact that she is one of the most popular and influential actresses, movie producers and directors in Nigeria.

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