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Biography Of Mercy Johnson

Mercy Johnson Okojie is a Nollywood actress born in Lagos on the 28th, August 1984 by a Navy Officer, she originally hails from Kogi State Nigeria, though due to her father profession her family moves from one state to the other so she was born in Lagos state as a result of that.
Mercy is the 4th child out of 7 children, her passion for acting was kind of inbuilt as she has been developing an interest in acting right from her young age.
She attended her schools in Nigeria and started a booming career of which with her talent and skill she was able to attain success in her area of career.

Mercy Macjoe Early Life & Education

Mercy Macjoe was born in the early ’90s to the family of Mr. and Mrs. Macjoe in Lagos State. Precisely, she was born on 20th June 1993.
Born as the sixth child of her parents, growing up wasn’t a bed of roses for Mercy. Her father was a soldier at the time but died while she was very young. As it was, her mother raised her alongside her other siblings.


Mercy Macjoe started acting professionally in 2011 with many challenging roles.
She got her first role in the movie “Lonely Princess”.
She has also starred in other numerous movies such as Zenith of Love, Midnight Crew, Bread of Life, Girl Next Door, Shame, Madalene, Crown Queen, Roayl First Class, Brazilian hair babes, Blackberry babes 2 and many others.
She described one of her challenging role is in the movie “Spit on your Grave” where she wore bra and boxer-shorts through out the movie.

Personal Life

In 2011, Mercy Johnson got married to her husband Prince Odianosen Okojie who is from Edo state and their marriage is blessed with three children namely Purity, Henry and Angel.
Since she got married she has stopped some roles which she described as not cool to play for a married woman also said she could give up acting for her husband and children. Mercy is a very coolheaded woman with a good heart.
There is no doubt that Mercy Johnson has done well for herself with her profession, she is a known figure and well respected Nollywood actress. She had her personal lifestyle just like every other person and thank goodness all that concerned her has been good news.
Mercy Johnson because of her love for humanity created a foundation which she named Mercy Johnson Foundation, the work of this organization is to support children and widows and even the less privileged at large.
She has stepped up her philanthropic game and we feel this is because she came from a poor background and she is trying to contribute her own quota to help the less privileged.
Mercy Johnson is an A-list actress and she can be compared with the likes of Ini Edo, Rita Dominic, Genevieve and so on. Her huge price for roles made her got a ban though this has been lifted. She is also a role model which upcoming actresses look up to.

Mercy Macjoe Movies

° Calabar Kitchen
° Midnight Crew
° Girl Next Door
° Bed of Lies
° The Event Planner
° House of Jon
° The Successor
° Flaws
° Slave Dancer
Trapped In Between
° Maid Servant
° Jenna
° Traitor
° Midnight Crew (The Accolades)
° Love in a Puff
° Class Assembly
° Passion Promise
° 30 and Single
° Zenith of Love
Ups and Downs
° Abandoned
° My American Dream
° Torture
° Twilight of Dream
° My Cousin’s Wife
° Blue Sky
° Lying Game
° Broken Soul
° A Night to my Wedding
° Strive
° My Private Part
° A Date with My Husband
° The Quest

Mercy Ima Macjoe Age

29 years

20 June 1993

Net Worth

Actress/Producer, Mercy Macjoe is currently one of the richest female actresses in Nigeria with an estimated net worth of $600,000 dollars.

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