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Early Life &Education

The Dubai-based Nigerian entrepreneur and former on air hostess, Maria was born in 1992 to the family of Mr. and Mrs. Agueze in Imo State, Nigeria.
Born in the early ’90s, Chike is a native of Imo, Imo State, Nigeria. An Igbo by tribe, a Nigerian by Nationality, and a Christian by religion.
For her education, not much is known regarding her basic educational background at the time of this publication, however, she attended Trinity High School, MANCAT college, United Kingdom for her university education. Therein, she studied HNC performing Arts.


In 2006, Maria started her career in Uk by working as the front of House representative at Grosvenor Casinos, where she worked for five years.

She also worked as an Administrative Assistant at Goderough college, United Kingdom in 2012 before joining KBC financial products as human resources assistant. Maria also worked as the personal assistant to the CEO of Deloitte, United Kingdom.
In order to fulfill her dream of traveling round the world, Maria started her career as an air hostess for Emirates Airline, where she worked for five years.
Currently, Maria is a real estate agent and a realtor in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.


According to Maria, she was dating and living with her boyfriend of three years in Dubai before fame.
However, few months after leaving the BBNaija house, Maria’s boyfriend Kelvin was revealed by socialite Cubana Chief.
According to the allegation making round on the Media, Maria’s boyfriend Kelvin is said to be married with two kids (boy and girl)


As of 2023, Maria from BBNaija’s age is 30 years.

Net Worth

Maria BBNaija’s net worth has not been publicly estimated. But judging from her career, her net worth should be between $50,000 – $80,000. 

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