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She was raised in Lagos State and was born into a Christian family. Ayra Starr has only one sibling, a brother, who is also an artist. In 2018 she lost her Dad and that had a huge effect on her as she was very close to her Dad. She also wrote and sang tribute songs to her dad. She resides with her mother and brother on the mainland in Lagos State, Nigeria.

From a young age, Ayra had a passion for singing, songwriting, and also modeling.
She would compose songs and write them down in her notebook and was also an active member of her church choir where she served as a vocalist.

Early Life and Education

Oyinkansola Sarah Aderibigbe was born on 14 June 2002 in Cotonou, Bénin Republic and grew up there and in Lagos, Nigeria. She was born to Nigerian parents from Kwara State and has four siblings: brothers, Ade and Dami, and two sisters, Tolulope and Jesutunmise. Her family moved frequently during her high school years because of her father’s business, and as a result of that, she had a hard time forming close friends.
She was raised in a music-loving family, and her interest in singing comes mostly from her family. At the age of 10, she sang in a high school choir and began writing songs with her brother. She attended Les Cours Sonou University and received a BA degree in international relations and political science. During her college years, her classmates often bullied her because of her age and appearance. To counter the feelings she experienced from being taunted, Ayra Starr turned to music by listening to Nicki Minaj’s music on her way to school. Ayra Starr’s mother was very supportive of her musical ambitions and always encouraged her to pursue a singing career.


As earlier mentioned, Oyinkansola Sarah Aderibigbe aka Ayra Starr was born and raised in Cotonou for most of her 19 years so far on the planet. The other part of her life has been in Lagos, Nigeria’s centre of excellence. This international residential pattern was completely down to her Dads nature of business, which had him shifting base between borders often with his family tagging along as he moved.
Anyways, Ayra Starr’s grew up in a close-knit family of 6, with 2 boys (Ade and Dami) and 2 girls along with their parents making up the number. Unfortunately, Ayra Starr dad passed away in 2018, leaving the young family under the guidance of their super-duper mom.


Ayra had a passion for singing, songwriting, and also modeling from a young age. During her spare time, she would compose songs and write them down in her notebook and was also an active member of her church choir.
Accompanied by her brother, she started going to a studio close to her house to make music and also made covers of some of her favorite songs.

Personal Life

Ayra Starr lost her dad to the cold hands of death in 2018. This loss affected Ayra a lot because she was very close to her father. She has written and sang some songs as a tribute to her dad. She lives with her mother and brother in the Mainland part of Lagos.
Ayra Starr has no boyfriend or husband for now.  Her current hit song, “Away” details the pain she faced after leaving her last relationship. She sings about being liberated and finding strength in it. She has also revealed that she freestyled some of the verses.

Net Worth

There is little information as regards her net worth because she just started her music career only recently. There are only speculations that her Net worth is estimated at $400,000.

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