About Us

HausaJam.com is a legitimate platform for broadcasting recent Educational content to help students find the latest scholarships, We also cover premium Entertainment News, in-depth celebrity interviews, and breaking exciting news from the world of English cinema/shows. Apart from writing extensively in English, HausaJam also gives interesting stories about today’s Technology and updates on several parts of the world.

Often referenced by a lot of top technology and Health outlets, the website has a dedicated group of people of Health and agricultural writers and journalists who collect information from various industry sources and piece them together into lucid and interesting tales/stories for our readers who read from us for more beyond geographical borders.


Hausa Jam first came into being in 2021 and offer to the general public. However, in order to make it more industry–specified, the website was branded. Hausa Jam has grown rapidly to become the continued destination for breaking news on exciting platforms.

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